The Short

This website is written entirely by patients, for patients, to raise awareness for Long Covid and increase research and funding to help those in need.

The Long

Our co-founders, Jenene Crossan and Freya Sawbridge, connected way back in 2020. They were a few of the earliest cases of Covid-19 in Aotearoa and a couple of the unlucky ones who developed Long Covid. They starting advocating and both appeared in countless media interviews in efforts to spread awareness for the biggest adverse reaction from the virus – Long Covid. Years of advocacy led them both here. Jenene, who has worked in the digital start-up space for two decades, used her incredible business skills to secure funding for the project. Her positive attitude has kept this entire project afloat and she’s one of the few people who’d only let a “no” give her more drive.

Freya was working as a journalist in Europe when the pandemic brought her home to Aotearoa. She used her writing background to build the content for the website which involved lots of back and fourths with our doctor (also suffering from Long Covid) who fact-checked all the articles. When she’s not at her laptop, she’s out in the field working as a ranger on Motuihe Island. She’ll be continuing her adventures in Europe this summer.  

Our illustrations are by the talented Tracey Thorp. She was the only person to respond to our drawing competition and turns out, one person is all you really need! She sketched these drawings with a crazy fast turnaround time and always delivered such moving and poignant pieces. Read more about her and our website photography here.

Our logo and brand colours were designed by Lotte Hawley. She put immense thought into the circular pattern of the logo and the colours you see on this website. You can read more about our brand story here.