In collaboration with the University of Auckland, Long Covid Support Aotearoa has created New Zealand’s first secure registry of people living with Long Covid. 

Key insights gathered about the condition from this registry will help inform New Zealand health providers about the impact it is having in Aotearoa. This will help establish better support for treating the debilitating illness.

Interim results show that Long Covid sufferers report a quality of life as low as that of severe cancer or multiple sclerosis patients. For further information the interim report can be accessed here.

The registry is run on a secure Auckland University platform called Qualtrics.

Visit the registry and sign up now to be part of this initiative for better support for people with Long Covid in Aotearoa:

If you are unable to sign up for the Long Covid Registry online and would like to do this by phone instead, please use our freephone number to request a callback: 0800 532 150