Long Covid is a life-changing condition, and patients can find they need Tautoko | support across a range of areas in their lives. 

A good starting place is to join our support group on Facebook | Te rōpū tautoko ki Pukamata. It provides a safe and supportive environment where you can share your experiences, connect with others who understand what you are going through and seek advice.

If you’re in need of financial and medical guidance, then check out the links below.

Accessing support

Here are some of the support mechanisms that people with Long Covid in Aotearoa can tap into.

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Supporting whānau and friends with Long Covid

Do you have a loved one living with Long Covid? Here’s how you can best support them.

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Advice for GPs and healthcare providers for treating Long Covid

Here’s what people with Long Covid in NZ want their GPs and healthcare providers to know, say and do when talking to patients seeking medical care.

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Supporting children with Long Covid

Do you have a child who has symptoms of Long Covid? Learn how you can support them.

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Facebook support group

Find comfort, support, and information from people who understand what you’re going through.

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Long Covid symptoms

Struggling with ongoing symptoms since catching Covid-19? Check out our articles about individual symptoms, written by patients, for patients.

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